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To Sell Or Not To Sell: Update of The Update

July 19, 2011

Not only have the Mets disappointed recently, but they have wasted a great deal of hard work completed by our very own Tom. 

There are 12 games left before the morning of July 31, and the Mets must gain 4.5 games on Atlanta by that time:

Here is Tom’s reasoning.

For those of you playing at home, this would mean the Mets pretty much have to go 9-3 while the Braves go 4-8 in the next 12 games.  Quite the hill to climb…..

For What Its Worth

I expect the Mets to take 2 of 3 from the Cards this week.


1.  Jose Reyes is back, duh.

2.  Carlos is back too.

3.  This team’s resiliency is due to kick in right about now.

Why Not

1.  Albert Puljols

2.  Lance Berkman

3.  Matt Holliday

4.  This series is at home.

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To Sell Or Not To Sell: Update

July 17, 2011

There are 14 games left before the morning of July 31, and the Mets must gain 3 games on Atlanta by that time:

Here is my reasoning.

Mets Clinch +.500 Record At The Break

July 9, 2011

A few quick thoughts before I call it a night:

  • R.A. Dickey is pitching through what I assume is a hell of a lot of pain. Despite that, he’s going out there and putting in solid outing after solid outing. It is nearly impossible for me to criticize him.
  • Brian Wilson looked ticked after he left the game. I wonder whether that has to do with his poor execution or the fact that Bruce Bochy has pitched him a few nights in a row. I doubt we’ll see him again tomorrow.
  • Either way, what a big hit by Scott Hairston. Maybe the biggest of the year to date.
  • The Mets, as mentioned in the title, clinched an above .500 record at the All-Star Break. Considering the 5-13 start and the laundry list of injuries, it’s pretty remarkable.
  • The Mets move to within 6.5 games in the Wild Card Race, pictured below.
Atlanta 53 37 72
Arizona 49 41 4.0 72
St. Louis 47 43 6.0 72
Pittsburgh 46 42 6.0 74
New York 46 43 6.5 73
Washington 45 45 8.0 72

Significant Progress?

June 16, 2011

The Mets wrapped up their sixth road series win of the year tonight, and in doing so improved their road series mark to 6-5 overall. It truly is hard to fathom when considering that the 2010 version made us wait well into August to win a road series. Not only that, but the Mets improve to 19-17 away from Citi Field, tied for the 3rd best road mark in the National League. If only they could win at home.

The Mets have also now taken 5 of 8 against Atlanta this year, including 3 of 5 at Turner Cemetery. Most importantly, the Mets return to .500 on the year for the first time since they were 22-22. They are now 34-34 and surprisingly enough just 3.5 games back in the wild card (pictured below).

Perhaps the Mets are taking significant strides towards relevancy. I don’t want to get too carried away about a .500 record in mid-June, but judging by the celebrations on Twitter and Facebook it seems as if this is almost as awesome as being in first. With lower expectations comes a certain degree of happiness – kind of.

As for the game itself, there was lots of rain and there were very few hits. Sadly, Dillon Gee did not pick up the victory because weather got in the way. But fortunately the game was not called after four innings (which would have erased it). The Mets are still undefeated when Dillon starts.

A new segment I’ll introduce to Midwestropolitan: Jose watch…

  • Tonight he went 1 for 4 with an RBI (28). His average drops to .345 on the year.
 St. Louis Cardinals 38 31 93
 Atlanta Braves 38 31 93
 Arizona Diamondbacks 37 32 1.0 93
 Cincinnati Reds 37 33 1.5 92
 Pittsburgh Pirates 34 33 3.0 95
 New York Mets 34 34 3.5 94

All Things Considered…..

June 13, 2011

It has been fun to watch this current group scratch and claw for every win.  But its games like these that make me miss Ike Davis and David Wright.  You see, power in your lineup affords you more room to make mistakes.

As I have said before this current lineup has to be practically perfect to win, especially in close games.  Giving up potential runs because of idiotic base running blunders doesn’t exactly help the cause.

It’s difficult for this team to make one critical base running mistake.  Tonight’s contest showcased two base running errors.

In the top of the fifth Daniel Murphy’s aggressiveness got the best of him as he tried to break to third early on a bunt attempt by Mike Pelfrey.  The only problem was that Pelfrey missed and Pirates catcher Michael McKenry fired a dart down to second to pick off Murph after an awkward rundown.

The second gaffe that we were treated to was yet another sacrifice fly double play brought to us by Lucas Duda.  In Duda’s defense, there was some question as to whether or not Jose Reyes’ liner to left field had hit the ground.  At any rate, Duda was doubled off of first and the Mets found themselves without a tying runner on base.

All things considered, I am still in a pretty positive state of mind regarding the Mets.  Big Pelf threw his second consecutive quality start, they continue to give themselves a chance in every game they play, and they are still only 5.5 games behind in the Wild Card Chase.

National League
W L GB Left
 Milwaukee Brewers 38 29 95
 Atlanta Braves 38 29 95
 St. Louis Cardinals 38 29 95
 Arizona Diamondbacks 36 30 1.5 96
 Cincinnati Reds 34 33 4.0 95
 Florida Marlins 32 32 4.5 98
 Pittsburgh Pirates 32 33 5.0 97
 New York Mets 32 34 5.5 96
 Colorado Rockies 31 34 6.0 97
 Los Angeles Dodgers 31 36 7.0 95
 Washington Nationals 30 36 7.5 96
 San Diego Padres 29 38 9.0 95
 Chicago Cubs 26 39 11.0 97
 Houston Astros 25 42 13.0 9


A Chance To Pull Closer

June 8, 2011

The wild card race heading into today’s action…

 Milwaukee Brewers 34 27 101
 Arizona Diamondbacks 33 28 1.0 101
 Atlanta Braves 33 28 1.0 101
 Florida Marlins 31 28 2.0 103
 Cincinnati Reds 32 30 2.5 100
 Pittsburgh Pirates 29 30 4.0 103
 New York Mets 29 31 4.5 102
 Colorado Rockies 28 32 5.5 102
 Los Angeles Dodgers 29 33 5.5 100
 San Diego Padres 28 34 6.5 100
 Washington Nationals 27 34 7.0 101
 Chicago Cubs 23 36 10.0 103
 Houston Astros 23 38 11.0 101

Gee’s #1 & R.A. Dickey, The One Footed Beast

June 5, 2011

It’s official.  Dillon Gee is my new favorite pitcher on the New York Mets.  Apparently, last night, his slider wasn’t working during warm ups so he started working on a cutter.  Not bullpen session warm ups earlier this week, his actual warmup time before the game.  He then used his cutter in the game.

Are you kidding me?  At this rate, I expect his cutter to be Mariano Rivera like by next week.  This man is as cool as a cucumber.

Author’s Note: 

I refuse to link the source of this information because the website requires you to be a paid subscriber.  Much like ESPN Insider.  This is quite possibly the most annoying thing on the Bitchin’ Internet.

Guess what suckers?  I won’t pay to read your full articles.  Never.  Never ever ever ever.  You shouldn’t either.  Don’t create a demand to pay for something that should be free.  Unless of course Midwestropolitan goes down this route.  A guy’s gotta eat, ya know?

Author’s note about author’s note:

I’m just kidding about Midwestropolitan going to a paid subscription.

Don’t Worry R.A., There Is Plenty Of Love For You

Tonight, our one footed warrior, R.A. Dickey takes the mound to try to clinch a series win against the Braves.  I wonder how many other pitcher’s would pitch through something like this?  Hell, he will probably ride his bike to the ballpark tonight just to get used to the pain.

Wild Card Update

The Amazin’s are still hanging around in the Wild Card race.  There is definitely a large hill to climb but I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.  It’s only June.


 National League
W L GB Left
 San Francisco Giants 32 26 104
 Florida Marlins 31 25 106
 Milwaukee Brewers 32 26 104
 Atlanta Braves 32 27 0.5 103
 Cincinnati Reds 30 29 2.5 103
 Pittsburgh Pirates 28 29 3.5 105
 Colorado Rockies 27 30 4.5 105
 New York Mets 27 31 5.0 104
 Los Angeles Dodgers 27 32 5.5 103
 San Diego Padres 26 33 6.5 103
 Washington Nationals 25 33 7.0 104
 Chicago Cubs 23 33 8.0 106
 Houston Astros 23 36 9.5 103



Sweep, Epic Battle, And The Wild Card

May 19, 2011

Well, the Mets go for a sweep of the Nats this afternoon…still sounds lame.  Looking on the bright side, it is better than trying to avoid a sweep.

My Favorite Quote From Last Night

“I was wondering what the hell we were doing out there..” -Jon Niese

At least he’s honest.  More importantly, he worked through the torrential down poor in the seventh inning even though he was visibly pissed that Bill Miller wouldn’t call the game.  He struggled most certainly, but he got through it.

Battle Of The Midwestropolitans

The tension was extremely high in my region of the country as we were forced to watch two Midwestropolitans battle mano a mano as the game hung in the balance.  With the bases loaded in the aforementioned seventh inning, Brian Bixler from Sandusky, Ohio was called upon to hit against Lima, Ohio native Jon Niese with one out.

Bixler represented the tying run as there were runners on first and second base.  An epic battle ensued with neither backing off in the stinging rain.

Eventually, Bixler grounded sharply to Justin Turner.  However, he turned it into an infield hit as he beat out the throw displaying his blazing speed that was undoubtedly developed during endless running sessions in a cornfield somewhere in Ohio.

Wild Card Update

As you can plainly see,  the gritty Mets still find themselves in contention for the Wild Card.  If they can manage to hover around .500 while their studs get healthy,  there’s still a chance.

National League
W L GB Left
 Florida Marlins 24 17 121
 St. Louis Cardinals 25 19 0.5 118
 Atlanta Braves 25 20 1.0 117
 Colorado Rockies 22 19 2.0 121
 Milwaukee Brewers 21 22 4.0 119
 New York Mets 20 22 4.5 120
 Washington Nationals 20 22 4.5 120
 Arizona Diamondbacks 19 23 5.5 120
 Los Angeles Dodgers 20 24 5.5 118
 Pittsburgh Pirates 19 23 5.5 120
 Chicago Cubs 18 23 6.0 121
 San Diego Padres 18 25 7.0 119
 Houston Astros 15 28 10.0 119

Changeup?, Wild Card Update, & Bay

May 14, 2011

A few quick thoughts on this glorious Saturday morning….

Changeup?  You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Right before David Wright’s huge eighth inning bomb, Keith Hernandez appropriately questioned Humberto Quintero’s call of an outside changeup by saying,

“Changeup?  You gotta be kidding me.”

This is one of the reasons I really enjoy Mex as an analyst.  Clearly he isn’t one of the most polished color guys in the biz, but he’s not afraid to question certain player or managerial decisions (even members of the Mets).

In this case, he was spot on.  Why would you throw anything else to David Wright but a 94 mph fastball or a curveball or slider on the outside corner?  Up to that point, Wright had not shown the ability to catch up to the fastball and we all know his propensity to waive at outside breaking pitches.  Also, everyone knew he is dealing with a bad back.  Maybe everyone except Quintero.

Regardless, it was great to see Wright come through with a clutch hit.

Wild Card Update

Don’t look now but the Mets find themselves tied for 6th place in the Wild Card standings.

National League
W L GB Left
 Florida Marlins 22 15 125
 San Francisco Giants 21 17 1.5 124
 Cincinnati Reds 21 17 1.5 124
 Atlanta Braves 21 19 2.5 122
 Los Angeles Dodgers 19 20 4.0 123
 New York Mets 18 20 4.5 124
 Pittsburgh Pirates 18 20 4.5 124
 Washington Nationals 18 20 4.5 124
 Chicago Cubs 17 20 5.0 125
 Milwaukee Brewers 17 21 5.5 124
 Arizona Diamondbacks 15 22 7.0 125
 San Diego Padres 15 23 7.5 124
 Houston Astros 14 24 8.5 124

Has Jason Bay Busted Out Of His Season Long Slump?

Jason Bay had two hard hit balls last night, leading some to believe that this may be a sign that he is starting to heat up.  I certainly hope this is the case.  It isn’t a coincidence in my opinion.  He appeared to be significantly closer to the plate last night.

Marathon Update

May 12, 2011

Three days ago I informed you that I was focusing my attention on the teams directly in front of the Mets in the Wild Card standings.

Here’s an update for you, as I know you were completely enamored with my analogy.

  1. The Mets have actually gained a half a game on the WC leading Marlins.
  2. The Mets surpassed the Diamondbacks and now have sole possession of ninth place in the standings.

My focus now shifts on to catching the Cubs and Dodgers.  Baby steps ladies and gentleman, baby steps.

 National League
W L GB Left
 Florida Marlins 21 15 126
 San Francisco Giants 20 16 1.0 126
 Cincinnati Reds 20 17 1.5 125
 Atlanta Braves 20 18 2.0 124
 Washington Nationals 18 18 3.0 126
 Pittsburgh Pirates 18 19 3.5 125
 Los Angeles Dodgers 18 20 4.0 124
 Chicago Cubs 16 19 4.5 127
 New York Mets 16 20 5.0 126
 Arizona Diamondbacks 15 20 5.5 127
 Milwaukee Brewers 16 21 5.5 125
 San Diego Padres 15 22 6.5 125
 Houston Astros 14 23 7.5 125


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