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Series Expectations For Non Athletics Supporters

June 21, 2011

Yesterday, Tom questioned my prognostication skills as he mercilessly made fun of the expectations I published about the Angels’ series.

“I’m questioning your prognostication skills. Don’t screw up the Oakland series or we’ll have to find a replacement.“- Tom

This coming from the same person who picked the A’s to win the AL West interestingly enough.

In my defense, they are my expectations, not predictions.  It is a fine line that even confuses me sometimes.  Basically, I am saying here’s what should happen realistically, but combining how squirrely the game of baseball is with how unreliable the Mets are, I wouldn’t put money on what I say.

Well, Tom wasn’t buying it.  After hours of crying uncontrollably and begging for my job, I started working on my expectations for the series against Oakland.

Here we go:

Even though everything is telling me this probably won’t happen, I still expect the Mets to take the series.


1.  At some point, the Mets should win a home series right?  Especially against sub .500 teams.

2.  I like the pitching match ups.  The Amazin’s have All World Dillon Gee going tonight followed by R.A. Dickey and Chris Capuano.  Surely that’s two of three.  Unless of course, R.A.’s last start is a sign of a string of games in which he scuffles and Chris Capuano comes back down to Earth.

3.  The Mets are coming off a day off after 13 straight games and the A’s had to travel across country so jet lag may be a factor.

Why Not?

1.  The A’s are on a roll right now as they are riding a five game winning streak.

2.  The Mets haven’t been that stellar at home in 2011 for some reason.

3.  There is a conspiracy that involves every MLB club and the sole purpose is to make me look silly when my expectations are not met.

I Think They Smoke A Lot Of Dope in Oakland

Check out this post by an A’s fan named Robert (last name withheld to protect the innocent…or until you read his post).  The Midwestropolitan Research Staff assures me this isn’t taken out of context, but Robby actually believes that Jose Canseco could still contribute something to the Oakland Athletics.

“I have 1 name that can help all 3 of these problems. You LOVE him and you HATE him.  His name is Jose. And you know exactly who i’m talking about. Go to youtube and search Jose’s videos of him destroying softballs over 500 feet. We could do much worst as a hitting coach AND he could be a late inning Pinch hitter.”- Delusional A’s Fan Robert

All I can say is WOW, and you gotta love this guy’s moxy.  It is out of the box thinking.  I’ll give him that.  That’s like asking Mex to come down from the SNY booth to be our left-handed bench threat (secretly I do believe he could still out hit Willie Harris or Jason Bay).

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A Ton of Singles and A Couple Doubles

May 30, 2011


When I first read the news that Jose Reyes would not be playing tonight, I proceeded to seriously worry about the Mets’ chances.

It was pretty silly in hind sight. I should have trusted in the fact that Dillon Gee was on the mound and that he would keep the Mets in the game as he does every start. He is now the second Mets rookie to ever go 5-0 to start his rookie season.

Chicks may dig the long ball, but the Mets went at scoring their runs in a different fashion.  I don’t care if they Mets had 32 singles.  All that matters is that they scored more runs than the other team. It was nice of Josh Thole and Justing Turner to remind us of what an extra base hit looks like though.


I hate to bring the room down for a second but there is something that has to be said. I was trying to avoid it but I just can’t hold back. Prior to the game I read a few comments that expressed frustration with how long Jose Reyes would be on his bereavement leave.

Hey Mr. Sensitive, don’t be a clown. I love the game of baseball but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING more important than family. Jose’s importance to the Mets is a very distant second to being there for his family while they grieve for a lost one.  Go back to kicking defenseless animals and old people when no one is looking.

Why Willie?

Normally I don’t spend a whole lot of time questioning lineups. Terry Collins is getting paid a boat load of money to make those decisions and I get paid just a smidgen less to write this blog,  so I assume he is much more qualified to give us the starting nine.

In this case I am going to break from the norm for a brief moment. Why in the world was Willie Harris leading off tonight? His barely above the Mendoza Line average and hack at everything mentality doesn’t sit well for me in terms of a table setter.

Just figured I’d share that.

Three in a row tomorrow?

Shifting Focus

May 22, 2011

If you would have told me a week ago that the Mets would be two games under .500 and only 4.5 games behind in the Wild Card hunt after today’s game, I would have said, “Sweet“.

The only problem is I can’t quite shake  the disappointment I have knowing the Mets let a series win get away from them.  More importantly, a series win against the Yankees.  I guess its one of those times you have to force yourself to look at the big picture.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m not going to focus on how my fellow Midwestropolitan, Mike Pelfrey, was cruising through six and then all of a sudden de-railed like Chris Farley’s character in Tommy Boy attempting to sell brake pads.

Here are a few other things I won’t focus on:

  • The disastrous snowman given up to the Yankees in the seventh inning.
  • Pedro Beato giving up his first two earned runs as a Met.
  • Not having Ike, David Wright, Johan Santana, or Angel Pagan healthy.
  • Knowing Willie Harris probably prolonged his stay with the Mets with his 3 for 4 showing today.
  • Not being able to buy Cheez Whiz anymore.

Nope.  Not going to focus on the negatives.

I’ve already put the series loss to the hated Yankees past me and I’m starting to look forward to the potential for some wins against the Cubs starting Tuesday.

The Mets Don’t Suck. The Astros Do.

May 15, 2011

After watching this series I think it is fair to say we have learned one simple, irrefutable fact.  The Mets don’t suck.

I’m sure that many are clambering to disagree right now.  Before you send me e-mails filled with personal insults and threats of physical violence, let me make a  few points that are chock full of logic.

The Mets are two games below .500 which means they are two games below being an average team.  Two games below average does not equal sucking.

A team that sucks does not win three straight series (two of which on the road).  Nor does it go 7-3 in its last ten games finding itself 4.5 games back in the Wild Card standings.

The Astros, on the other hand, suck.  At least they did in this series.  They played absolutely horrible defense and at times seemed like they had much better things to do (see the Mets theft of home Little League style in the fifth inning today).

I know average isn’t exactly something to write home about, and I’m not saying I find it to be an acceptable stopping point.  It is however, not a horrible  spot to be in considering the financial and roster challenges the Mets organization currently faces.

When you stop and think about it, 19-21 is actually amazing in a way.  After all,

  • Johan Santana has not pitched a single inning this season.
  • David Wright and Jason Bay are hitting .226 and .216 respectively.
  • Angel Pagan has been non-existent (literally).
  • R.A. Dickey still has yet to find his knuckle ball.
  • Willie Harris and Scott Hairston, two players that were signed to create a solid bench,  have been absolutely dreadful
  • Chris Young is out for the season after only pitching 24 innings.
  • Along with Pagan, Pedro Beato, Ike Davis, and Bobby Parnell are all currently on the DL.

Frankly, I  believe we should be happy with where the Mets stand with regard to their record.  It says something about the moxie of this team to be able to win of late.

Don’t mistake this as settling.  As long as I feel the Mets are working towards becoming a franchise that will be perennial contenders, I am going to be content.  Eventually, continued improvement will result in the Mets obtaining that goal.

So for those fans that fill up comment sections about how bad the Mets suck every time they lose, grow up.  Realize that in the real world, building a succesful organization from top to bottom takes more than two weeks.

In the meantime, try to enjoy the 2011 Mets as much as possible.  They could have mailed it in a long time ago.  Hell, imagine what could happen if the Mets hang around and they get some guys back, or Wright and Bay start hitting.

Truly A House Money Game

May 11, 2011

Prior to the start of this current series, I expected the Mets to drop two of three in Colorado.  For proof, check out the Midwestropolitan Facebook Page (shameless plug, give it a like).

Last night’s strange win sets up the mother of all House Money Games.  I say this based on what today’s lineup is going to look like if this indication from Terry Collins  stays true to form:

“Collins indicated his starting lineup would have Daniel Murphy at first base, Justin Turner at third base and likely Willie Harris at second base over Chin-lung Hu.

Combine this motley crew and the fact that they are facing Ubaldo Jimenez, and we have ourselves a slim chance to win.  The positive to this particular thought is that a win would be a pretty decent momentum builder.

Stranger things have happened I guess.


By now you may have heard that this game has been postponed due to rain.  Obviously, this changes the Mets chances based on their lineup tomorrow.

I’m glad I spent hours slaving over this literary masterpiece.  Thanks a lot Mother Nature.

That’s About It

May 9, 2011
  • Ten runners left on base
  • Five hits (all singles)
  • Willie Harris thrown out by a country mile attempting to steal second in the ninth inning down by one run

Anyone else getting tired of hearing, “They had their chances.“?



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